I'm One. A self-taught programmer and a student from Michigan, who tends to learn a lot of things, one ☕ at a time. Battling lines of code is my idea of fun, but I also like to take breaks with AI research, science documentaries, and biology books.

I learn, code, make mistakes, fix them, then blog about it at coffeewithone.com - think of it as reality TV but for programmers, less drama though, more semicolons. Catch me on Twitter!


// Our main guy
const One = {
  description: 'Programmer. I write about code, tech, and life.',
  dailyRoutine: [
  home: 'Michigan',
  website: 'coffeewithone.com',
  activities: [
    'AI Research',
    'Science Documentaries',
    'Reading Biology Books',
  socialMedia: {
    twitter: 'https://twitter.com/coffeewithone',
  funFact: 'My jokes are better in person...sometimes.',